flow copenhagen is a sustainable, Danish-made yoga brand, focusing on items made from natural and sustainable bamboo fiber. Bamboo can grow up to one meter a day which also means that it has no need for pesticides in its cultivation. Bamboo, being a grass sort, also uses up very little water and releases almost 35% more oxygen than trees!

Tekstil fremstillet af bambus er super blødt og meget behagelig at have på. Yoga stoffet er temperaturregulerende og fleksibelt. Vores bambus kommer fra en af de største bambusskove i Sichuan. Vi arbejder tæt sammen med en pålidelig oeko-tex certificeret producent, der har specialiseret sig i miljøvenlige yoga tøj i bambus. Producenten arbejder under fair trade betingelser og prioriterer medarbejdernes arbejdsvilkår højt.

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Responsible for the Sichuan production

"Fair Trade really means a lot in our factory. It is very important that to know who's behind our clothes and how our spending habits are affecting them. We help by creating sustainable livelihoods and safe working conditions for our sewers.

Our factory offers jobs to the locals to work as sewers for our garment factory. They are well trained, and we pay them equally no matter man or woman. Our factory covers the social insurance for all workers and ensure their children to receive a better education.

They work in the clean and safe workshop where it is cool in summer and warm in winter season. They get well paid as normal workers who work 8 hours per day and 5 days per week. The factory will pay extra salary if its needed to work over time but allow no more than 2 hours overtime. Factory also pays their lunch and dinner free of charge every working day and make sure they can earn reasonable income and cover their living expenses in local society. Each year we will take out 5% of profit to help our sewer family and their children and parents for a better life.

All sewers are adult and have responsibility for our environment. This is why we only deal with eco-friendly and environmentally friendly garments."