Who is behind flow copenhagen?

flow copenhagen is a sustainable, Danish-made yoga brand created by two experienced yoga practitioners: Susanne and Emilie. Besides being mother and daughter, the two of them have found a shared bond in their passion for yoga. Susanne has a business degree from CBS. Besides being an entrepreneur, she has worked for both big companies and start-ups and has solid experience in developing and running an on-line business. Emilie combines the Communication & IT studies with her work as graphic designer and brand manager.

One of flow copenhagen’s core values is, that yoga should be for everyone. We hope to produce and sell great, sustainable items at a fair price. This is made possible, by cutting out the middleman, and solely focusing on online sales as well as events and pop-ups. Simultaneously, we will not compromise on our desire for earth-friendly materials and ethical working environments for those involved in the production of our goods.

the earth is what we all have in common – Wendell Berry

Designed in Copenhagen

We are constantly working to improve the design and convenience of our clothes, to ensure that your receive a product that we are proud of.

Fair trade

We will always prioritise the well-being of our fellow humans above anything else. We are in close contact with our oeko-tex certified factory, to ensure the best conditions for its workers.


For us, using environmentally low-impact fabric was a no-brainer. When we found out about bamboo, we knew it was a perfect match!